A strong safety culture begins with leadership. This course will take the safety culture in any company to the next level. It will build a strong foundation of safety beginning with the fundamentals of any strong safety management system. The major four principles that will be taught to supervisors, managers, or any employee with leadership aptitude include:

  • The Supervisor’s Role in Safety
  • Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control
  • Formal Workplace Inspections
  • Accident/Incident Investigation

These main principles will develop a safety feedback system that will allow the safety culture to evolve and adapt. As known hazards are identified, controls can be developed to prevent them from occurring. However, when new incidents occur, new hazards are revealed, and an appropriate investigation must take place in order to properly identify the new risk to prevent reoccurrence. This course will help develop the Leadership in Safety.

The course is 8 hours long and will be worth .6 Continuing Education Units.