You are walking through the woods, on vacation, at work, or just going for an evening stroll and all of a sudden you are face to face with a 600-pound furry beast of an animal. Majestic, awe inspiring, with a slightly terrifying feeling creeps over you as you come toe to toe with this animal. What do you do? Step one don’t panic. Step two, if you get out of the situation with your bear, come back to our website and take one of the below online courses. In it, you will find a lot of tried and true tips and tricks to avoid having a negative confrontation with one of the world’s most amazing animals. By the end of one of these courses you will be able to tell the:

  • Differences between grizzly and black bears
  • General characteristics
  • Bear behaviour and body language
  • Signs of agitation
  • Distribution of bear populations
  • Breeding
  • Hibernation
  • Food sources
  • Hunting, camping, and travelling safely in bear country
  • How to store food in a campsite
  • Avoiding a bear encounter
  • Recognizing and reacting to defensive and non-defensive attacks
  • When and how to play dead
  • Using and handling bear spray
  • Bear bangers
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