Have you ever had a moment in your job where you are trying to determine whether something is a confined space or not? Do you know what sorts of requirements are needed prior to entering a confined space? As a supervisor, do you need to know how to protect your workers prior to entering a confined space? These are all questions that need to be answered before going into a confined space as the dangers that exist are great and life threatening. Our confined space training will help your employees work within confined spaces with a firm understanding of the risks, mitigations required, emergency procedures, equipment requirements, and rescue procedures.

Confined spaces and restricted areas such as grain silos, sewers, engine rooms, storage lockers, cellars and wells are not designed to be occupied for long periods of time. It is the responsibility of the employer to guarantee that adequate safety training is applied. The Confined Space Training will help your workers to accurately recognize and assess space hazards and risks and to understand the latest safety protocols to follow in case of a confined space emergency.

Confined Space Training will teach you:
  • Characteristics and examples of a confined space.
  • Potential hazards of a confined space
  • The differences between a permit required confined space and a non-permit required confined space, as well as the criteria for reclassifying a confined space
  • The role of a worker who is not authorized to enter a confined space in the event of an emergency
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Confined Space Online Training FAQ

All employees that are involved in Confined Space work must have adequate training. Our Confined space online training is an affordable solution to comply with the latest safety regulations.

Any type of industry that involves confined space work including Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy, Construction, Seismic and Waste Management.

Upon successful completion of your Confined Space online course, a certificate of completion will be available for download and printing.