Steel Toe Services owner, Ian Levitt, grew up working on a ranch in Alberta, Canada. He has worked on drilling rigs, wireline trucks, construction sites building homes, worked in welding shops, trudged through the boreal forest in the north conducting environmental sciences, and worked on pipelines, mines, oil and gas tank farms, and marine facilities. Safety and Environmental stewardship has always been a main focus. In 2016, he brought this experience to Steel Toe Services to develop a company that would help clients achieve the environmental safety goals from someone who has worked on jobs from both sides — the consultant and contractor.

Our solutions carry that mindset into the product we produce for clients. Which courses really make sense for the job you are about to begin? What mitigations to do you really need to do the work you are about to do? No fluff and no overhead. We are excited to help you achieve your goals on your project. Safety is our business.

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