Steel Toe Services is an environmental, health and safety company that supports the natural resources industry across multiple sectors. We provide the required health and safety certifications, Environmental Monitoring and Inspection training, and qualifications for working professionals to conduct their job safely. Our market includes personnel in the following fields:

  • Consultants in Engineering, Environmental, Spill Response, Site Investigation, Geo-technical, and Urban Development
  • Professionals in civil construction including operators, labourers, drivers, foreman, superintendents, construction management, and pipeline protection.
  • Professionals working at warehouses, offices, commercial industry, professional drivers and farm sites

Steel Toe Services collects the most updated online courses that meet the current legislative requirements and provide them both in a desktop or mobile option.  We specialise in Learning Management Systems, Safety Certifications, and Online Training. We also can conduct in-classroom courses on Environmental Monitor and Inspection Training. No matter the resource industry, we will find the right safety course for you. Safety is our business.