Environmental Inspection and Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring and Inspection has become a demanding and required role on any construction job in Canada and the United States. To prepare individuals for this role on a project, Steel Toe Services has developed a curriculum that matches the current regulators requirements for qualified individuals to work in multiple Natural Resource Industries.

Drawing on several industries, and multiple years of experience, Steel Toe Services will assist new or experienced professionals in honing their skills to focus on many different aspects of Monitoring and Inspection. These include:

  • Activity Descriptions – Which activities are important to document
  • Environmental Mitigation Development – Erosion and Sediment Control, Water Management, Wildlife Resource, Waste Management
  • Environmental Protection Plan Compliance – Interpreting requirements, Contingency Planning etc.
  • Reporting Skills – What to write and how to write it
  • Regulator Visits and Strategies

The desired outcome of the course will be to achieve higher work site environmental compliance, increase the knowledge of different environmental mitigations, and produce a more experienced and knowledgeable monitor/inspector within the Environmental Industry. We will draw on real life examples of multiple sectors. Courses are offered on the weekend in-house to companies throughout the Lower Mainland, BC.