Hand Safety

Shoelaces, guitar playing, rock climbing….all have something in common. They all require the use of our hands! No matter what kind of work you do, you likely use tools. But have you ever considered that your hands can be tools too and that the rules you’d employ to take care of other tools also apply to your hands? Many people don’t stop to consider this. Consequently, occupational hand injuries account for more than one million emergency room visits per year.

The next time you are at work, take 5 minutes and think about how much it would change your life if something significant happened to your hands. When conducting a task make sure you think about hand position, how you are using them, and what is the appropriate level of protection you need to take care of these extremely valuable appendages. If you see a coworker doing work that could use a bit more protection, SPEAK UP!

If you would like to learn more or get some more training on this for you or your employees, check out this link:

Hand Safety

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